Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly Discussion Group

In case you hadn't heard at service or by e-mail (I've been sending announcements to the wrong list, apparently!), the Episcopal Chaplaincy and the Harvard Icthus are co-sponsoring a weekly discussion group.

Basic Details

  • Theology discussion group
  • Weekly: Thursdays at 8pm
  • Dunster House 
  • Small Dining Room

The group will be discussing some classic themes in Christian theology, as well as considering how these difficult issues and topics actually relate to the daily practice of our faith and our wider vocation in the world. Our topic for this past week was the Atonement: how does Christ's death save us?

This next week we will be asking what relevance this question really has. Does it matter what view we take of the Atonement, and how does it relate to questions of violence, justice, war/peace, and other similar questions?

Hope to see you there. We'll have another announcement up mid-week.

Zack Guiliano
Kellog Fellow

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