Friday, November 11, 2011

The Movement

As part of our final post from the SSJE preaching series, I have here a message from Br. Kevin Hackett, titled "The Movement." This post will close our sample from SSJE, and we'll be looking for some more content to highlight in the coming weeks. If there's anything our readers have found particularly interesting, please send it our way.

Here's a sample of the post:

I do not know if you claim a denominational identity, but I think we would do well to ask ourselves a couple of questions at this point. How different is it to say, “I am a member of the Episcopal Church (or use your own denomination of choice),” than to say, “I am a follower of Jesus of Nazareth.”  I do not think the two claims are necessarily mutually exclusive, and while the Episcopal Church, as well many other denominations, have stressed Christian faith and practice as a way of life, I cannot get past the differences of connotation between being a member of an institution (which suggests a kind of stasis and status quo to me) and being a follower of a movement, especially the one which was inaugurated by Jesus of Nazareth (which, from my own experience, suggests some pretty rugged engagement with the unknown).

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