Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All Hallow's Eve at The Crossing

Isaac Everett is a Postulant for Holy Orders in the Diocese of MA, a musician, song-writer, and author. He's working currently with The Crossing, "the new emerging church worship community at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral Church." We invited him to share with us about an upcoming event that's open to young adults in the Diocese.

Hello, Harvard!

A few months ago, a group of us at The Crossing were sitting around dreaming about the coming year, and we kept returning to the idea of reaching out to other, similar communities within the diocese to make friends. As a primarily young-adult congregation, we really long to be part of a larger community of folks who want to get together for worship, fun, and justice-making.

So, we began reaching to groups like the Harvard and BU chaplaincies, along with the young adult group at St James, and conspired together to start building relationships between our people! We figured an easy way to do it would be to get together a couple times throughout the year, each of us taking turns hosting, hoping that we'd see some of the same faces and build friendships. (For example, we'll be joining you for the Walk for Hunger later this year.)

Our first event, though, will be next week, on Halloween, and I really hope you can make it! We'll be throwing a pretty awesome All Hallow's Eve liturgy, followed by a dance party on the steps of the cathedral.

If you're not familiar with the Feast of All Hallows', it basically goes like this: if you believe that the literal body of Christ is broken on the communion altar (which you probably don't, but stick with me), then it follows that the celebration of the Eucharist occurs simultaneously with Christ's death on the cross. By the transitive property, that means that all celebrations of the Eucharist across all time and space happen simultaneously, and when we gather at the altar, we're gathering with everyone who ever has (and who ever will) stand at the altar. 

All Hallow's connects us with our past and our future, celebrating our connection with the saints who've made us who we are and the saints for whom we're still yearning. It's a way to honor and remember our past while also casting a prophetic vision for our future.

So to honor this communion of saints, we'll be dressing up as our favorite saints: past, present, or future. You can come dressed as St Augustine or St Clare of Assisi. You can come dressed as your grandmother or your kindergarten teacher. You can come dressed as the first female pope or the first church planter on Mars. 

Or you can come dressed as yourself. Whatever you do, we hope you come to dance, eat, worship, celebrate and make friends.

Isaac Everett 

PS 6pm at 138 Tremont Street, just off the Park St stop on the red line

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